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Review door Peter Baltus
Geplaatst op 10-12-2023
The microscope works quite well, with high resolution images on the large display, even when zooming in digitally. The mechanical construction is sturdy from thick metal, the focusing is smooth but has a little play. Adjusting height is not as smooth, I prefer to hold the microscope body from gliding down by its own weight - not a big deal but reduces the feel and experience of a quality instrument to 4 rather than 5 stars for me. There is a lot of room to work, more than enough for soldering etc. - a big difference from the cheap USB microscope I used thus far. The three adjustable light sources work quite well and make it easy to get a "3D feel" by creating limited shadows etc. THe remote control is much more convenient than the buttons below the screen and more useful than I expected. In addition to the listed contents, there are also some demo slides, plastic tweezers and a backlight icture that can be powered instead of the two flexible lights. As mentioned by others, large PCBs won't fit comfortably in the standard configuration, but my PCBs are typically small (10x15cm or less). There is a little bit of noise in the picture at lower light levels. Running from USB (also from a Linux computer - class compliant camera) works quite well, although the main display switches off in that case. All in all, I am very happy with the purchase, which was (as usual from eleshop) delivered perfectly on time well packaged.
Andonstar AD207S-10PRO microscoop

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